Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(Updated: 2.24.2020)

Illinois Top Times Meet       

** Most Asked question from new coaches**   
How do my athletes get invited?"
To get invited to this meet you must qualify. To qualify you must compete in an indoor
meet between January 1st, 2020 and March 23rd, 2020 where the
data is sent directly to Direct Athletics or the results are sent in manually to Direct Athletics.

1. Q:  If I can't get to a track that is 60M, can you convert our time from 55M?
    A:  YES!  We are using the USATF conversion table, which is automatically performed by Direct Athletics.

2. Q:  Will you accept hand-times for qualification at this meet?
    A:  Yes, but only for the 800, 1600, 3200, 4x400 and 4x800.  You still have to send meet information so we can verify the meet, athlete and time.  
          All hand-times will have .24 seconds added to them.  We will NOT take hand-times for anything less than the 800M because of inconsistent accuracy.

3. Q:  How often are the leader boards updated?
    A:  If you use Direct Athletics, they will update daily.  For meets that use Direct Athletics, results automatically flow into the leader boards. For meets not using 
          Direct Athletics and submitting results manually via Direct Athletics, results will be updated in 3 - 7 days, depending on the volume of results submitted.

4. Q:  Can anyone send meet results to the Illinois Top Times?
    A:  No, only the Head Coach for the high school track program can send us meet results.

5. Q:  If I cannot pay online using PayPal, where do I send my check?    FEIN # 45-1453684
    A:  We strongly encourage you to pay online because of our small window of time.  If you need to send a check,
          it must be postmarked by March 25th, 2020 and received by March 26th, 2020 or the late fee will apply.  
          Please review the meet packet for additional information.  
                                      The check may be mailed to:
                                                                             Illinois Top Times
                                                                             c/o Randy Anderson
                                                                             P.O. Box 638
                                                                             Clinton, IL   61727

6. Q:  Do you have automatic qualifying standards?
    A.:  No.  We are taking only the top performers in each field.  Please check your meet packet or the website for more details on each event.

7. Q:  Why does your leader board have so many performances listed?
    A:  We want our leader boards to be used by parents, athletes, and coaches for tracking, encouraging, and challenging athletes to do their best.  
         We feel it is best to include all performances sent in for this reason.

8. Q:  I sent athlete results from a USATF meet and I still don't see them on the leader board.  Why?
    A:  Please go back and verify that you sent the information in the proper format.  It can take up to 7 days for manually entered results to be loaded.  
          If you have questions, please contact Janice Petersen at or 217-870-1700.

9. Q:  We used Direct Athletics for online entry, but our results aren't on the leader boards.  Why?
    A:  Please verify that the meet was set up as an Indoor meet, not an Outdoor meet.  You must mark the Indoor Meet box.  
         The results will only download to the leader boards if the meet is an indoor meet.

10. Q:  How much does it cost to enter an athlete in the meet?
      A:  Entry fees are per team - one for boys and one for girls.  
  • If you have 1-3 athletes the entry fee is $80
  • If you have 4 -12 athletes the entry fee is $140
  • If you have 13+ athletes the entry fee is $180
  • Day of meet payment for any team or athlete will be $250.00.  This increase is to discourage day of meet payments and to allow registration to be efficient and timely.
11. Q: We competed in a meet outside the State of Illinois.  How can I get my athletes results on your Leader Board?
      A:  You must go in manually and enter your athlete.  Direct Athletics is unable to recognize a meet that is not in Illinois.
             To do this please go to the "Indoor Championship" tab above and go down to "How to Submit Results"

12. Q: Where do I list the names of my Relay athletes?
      A: When you enter your relay team there will be a link to enter their names!

13.  Q: How many do you take back to the 60H and 60 Dash?
       A:  We will take 8 to finals based off of time, not heat winners. 

14.  Q: How many relay teams can qualify per school?
       A:  1 team per school for each of the relay events: 4 x 200, 4 x 400, and 4 x 800