Declaration will be the week of March 16th to March 23rd at 10:00pm.  With this process there are less changes and fewer possibilities for errors.  Please DON’T WAIT until the last minute; declare your athletes early.  DO NOT call us and ask us to add your athlete.  It is your responsibility to have them added and declared.   
IF you have a meet on March 22nd or 23rd, it is imperative that you use Direct Athletics for online entries. The results will flow automatically to the leader-boards when the meet host uploads results to  If you do not use Direct Athletics, it is 100% the coach’s responsibility to get the information into Direct Athletics by 10pm on Monday, March 23rd.
At any time during that week you will be able to declare your entries for the IL Top Times meet via your Direct Athletics account.  NOTE:  If you declare, and then afterwards add new performances (or new performances are uploaded) you MUST go back to the declaration page and declare new performances. Your athlete will not be automatically declared. You MUST declare your athletes and relays that you wish to compete at the IL Top Times meet.  Athletes/relays that are not declared will be SCRATCHED and not considered for the meet. 

·         You may declare only verifiable times/marks on the Illinois Top Times performance list. 
Declaring entries is not a guarantee of acceptance into the meet.  We will select the top 12 declared entries in each event, unless noted.  We will select the top 16 declared entries for the 4 x 200M relay, the top 22 for the 200M, and the top 24 for the 400M.  We will select the top 15 declared entries in 1600M and 3200M runs, and the top 24 declared entries in the 60m Dash and 60m Hurdles.  This list will be posted by March 24th at 8pm.
·         If you do not see your athlete's top performance when declaring, you must first add it to the IL Top Times performance list and then return to the meet declaration/entry page.  (See other instructions on how to add performances to the list)
·         You may update your declarations as often as you wish during the week of March 16th until the entry deadline of March 23rd at 10:00pm.  After this deadline your declarations are FINAL.
·         During that week there will be a new Declared Leadership Board.  It will be above the current Leadership board on the Illinois Top Times website.  (  Coaches, Athletes and Parents can visually see who has been declared.
To declare your athletes/relays:

               1) Log in to your coach account at
               2) Under Upcoming Meets, you will see the Illinois Top Times meet listed with a green "Register" link next to it.  Click "Register".
               3) The system will present the top time/mark for each event, based on the IL Top Times performance list.  You must declare or scratch all performances and click Submit.
               4) Repeat for other gender as needed
·         After submitting declarations, you must print and email yourself entry confirmation--this is your official receipt. 
·         All DECLARED performances will be listed publicly at  If your performances are not listed publicly as declared, they will NOT be considered for acceptance into the meet.
·         If new performances are added to the IL Top Times list AFTER you’ve already declared, you must return to the declaration page to declare/scratch the new performance. 
·         All performances that are not declared will be considered SCRATCHED as of the declaration deadline.   

Illinois Top Times Championship Meet Entry Verification
The athletes who qualify for each event will be posted on our website on Tuesday, March 24th at 8pm.  Those postings are final.  Illinois Top Times Uses Direct Athletics, and only results submitted to appear on Illinois Top Times Leader boards.

Payment Process
All teams will be required to pay for athletes to participate in the meet.  Once again we are offering payment through PayPal.  PayPal is PCI DSS compliant for credit card processing.  We are trying to discourage payment on the day of the meet to keep registration efficient and timely.  Payment on the day of the meet will result in an increase in the fee to $200.  From the time you are able to declare athletes on March 16th until 5:00pm on March 26th, you will be able to pay online.  If you are confident that your athlete will qualify, we encourage you to pay early.  If you are unsure about qualification, you can pay upon posting of the verification's on March 24th.  Because our window is so small, we have made it possible to pay using a school credit card or a personal credit card and get a receipt for reimbursement.  Please pay using PayPal, if at all possible. 
If you are unable to pay online, you can send a check. Checks need to be made out to Illinois Top Times.  Checks must be postmarked by March 25th, 2020.  Make a copy of your check and bring it to the meet.  If you do this, no late fee will be assessed.  Checks can be sent to Illinois Top Times, c/o Randy Anderson, P.O. Box 638, Clinton, IL 61727.  If we don't receive payment by March 26th at noon, you must pay on site, and the late fee will apply.  Illinois Top Times reserves the right to refuse alternative payment methods if insufficient cause is shown to require such a payment.  No refunds will be given from Illinois Top Times.   You can pay online by using the PayPal link on our website.  The direct link is  You will be given a field to choose your school, and you must choose a school so that we know which school has paid when you submit payment.  Options will be available so a school can choose to make one payment for both boys and girls teams together or separately.  Coaches must not assume that the coach or AD paid for both teams.  We will keep a running track record of teams who have paid posted on the payment website so coaches know if their team's participation has been paid for or not.  If there are any questions or problems using PayPal, please contact Janice Petersen at or call 217-870-1700. As always, we recommend you keep a copy of your receipt and bring it to the meet with you as proof of payment verification.  We are trying to streamline this process and appreciate your efforts to be proactive by making sure your athletes are confirmed and the payment is made by the deadline.  

After the 26th, we will be working onsite and will not be able to take phone calls or receive email.  Please prepare, ask questions now.