There are two ways to get your team's results on the Top Times Leaderboards.

1) For meets that use DirectAthletics for online entries, results flow automatically to the leaderboards when the meet host uploads results to Coaches do not need to do anything to add these results to leaderboards and should not submit results themselves for DirectAthletics meets.

2) For meets that do not use for entries, coaches must manually submit performances via To submit performances manually: Login to your coach account at Click the "IL Top Times" tab. Click "Submit New Performances" and follow instructions. Note: For this year Manually submitted performance will instantly appear on IL Top Times.  ITT staff will go through and verify as well as delete if necessary.

How to Access Your Team's Account:
If you already have a DirectAthletics account for your team, you should login at and use your existing account. You will use the same account and roster you use to submit meet entries via DA.

If you know you have an account but have forgotten your username/password, you can click the “Login Trouble” link next to the login box.

If you are new to DirectAthletics, go to and click "Sign Up". Even if your school has used DirectAthletics in the past, use the Sign Up page to create a new account if the previous account holder has left.

Setting Up Your Roster and Submitting Results:

STEP 1—Set Up Rosters Online

Before you can add performances to the Performance List, you must make sure that your online roster is complete and up-to-date. If you have used DA before, your roster may already be partially or fully set up online. However it is necessary to confirm this before proceeding.

1. Login to your account at

2. Click the TEAM tab. You will see a list of athletes that are already on your roster. Please review the roster for missing athletes, misspelled names, or missing school years. NOTE: Your roster is for a single gender—boys OR girls, not both. To switch to the other gender, you can select the other team (gender) from the Team dropdown on the blue navigation bar to the right of “Track & Field”
3. To delete or edit athletes, check the box to the left of each athlete(s) and then click the red “Delete Selected” link or the dark blue “Edit Selected” link respectively.
4. To add athletes, click the green “Add Athletes” link.
5. Repeat separately for the other gender as needed. Before proceeding, all competing athletes should be listed on your roster with the correct school year.

STEP 2—Adding New Performances
It is the responsibility of each school to manually add top times/marks that are not already added by a meet director via a meet results upload.

1. Click the “Illinois Top Times” tab. Click the “Add New Performances” link on the left. Select the event type (track, field, and relay) and click Submit.
2. Fill out the form with the athlete, event, time/mark, date of performance, and meet name. When you are satisfied with the form, click “Submit”.
3. Your performances will be submitted for review to an Illinois Top Times administrator. Until they are reviewed, the performances will appear as “Pending” within your account and will NOT appear on the Top Times list. When an administrator approves your submissions you will receive an email and see the performances on the public performance list
4. You can repeat steps 1-2 to add additional performances at any time.
5. Do not add performances for meets that used Direct Athletics for online entries. The meet host should upload results directly from meet management software (MeetPro, Hy-Tek, etc.) to Direct Athletics.